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Love, murder, scandal, and buried truths… delve into the hidden history in this gripping secret of death and the Afterlife.

This hidden saga of love between the mystic prophetess, Isa, and the noble royal advisor, Gutler, will transport you back in time. Their untold love story will help you to understand what really happened to the powerful Royals of Spain, and their daughter, Princess Joanne.

The inquisitor - Cardinal Domingues, who led the Church of Rome, is driven by a desire for murder, torture, and suffering. He will stop at nothing to complete his mission of purging the world of those he deems less deserving.

Throw the mysterious gypsy, Maria Amalia, into the mix, and it causes a total spiritual confrontation between good and evil that has the potential to ruin everything.

Shameful Times is a “Love After-death” fictional novel that tells a hidden story for centuries and exposes a forbidden Magic Spell. Now is the time to uncover the real story.

Will Isa and Gutler be able to complete their love story? Will the Cardinal destroy their love story before it's even begun? You’ll have to read to find out...

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Shameful Times book Cover by Author Vera lucia Lima




A beautiful book

A deep and emotional love story, taking place in the surroundings of the Spanish Royal Court in the late 15th century. Intrigue, betrayal, religion and spirituality all play a part in this beautiful story that occurs in the days of the Inquisition.

Once I started reading, I did not want to put it down as the twists and often unexpected turns of the story left me wanting to find out what would happen next.

The book was spiritually channeled to its author and while it is written in an uncomplicated style and easy to read like any well-written novel, has important spiritual messages embedded in its text.

It also informs about a dark part of history including the doings of the Catholic Church and the power struggles in the top echelons of society at the time.

An excellent book that you will not want to put down until you've finished it. Highly recommended!



5 golden stars



 I'm humbled by the power of Isa "True love does exist"

This book has been reviewed by me that time can mend our mistakes and growing into the right direction. I'm humbled by the power of Isa "True love does exist"! Like a blessing of the kiss of the Messiah! Honest, Pure, Selfless and Comforting. This book has given me strength to surpass invisible boundaries set by society. Personally, the author has demystified the bad reality and ignorance of mind of the Spanish Inquisition, clap, clap, clap.



5 golden stars



You will love this book!

Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2018

After reading 📖 I gave this book for a friend of mine from Spain 🇪🇸 He absolutely loved it just like I did! I really recommend it! Vera Lucia is amazing! And always leave some important messages in all her books!


Tharciony Costa

5 golden stars



I highly recommend this book

You can't stop to read! Its amazing! I highly recommend this book :)


5 golden stars



 I can assure you that buying it will be a wise option

Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2024

Lima demonstrates her talent for deftly blending historical accuracy with intrigue in Shameful Times. The superb pace of the novel enthrals readers on Isa's journey while delving into the larger cultural concerns surrounding the Spanish Inquisition. I can assure you that buying it will be a wise option.

Jenny Williams

5 golden stars



Highly Recommended to read The book's exploration of love

Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2024

Lima's prose is both poetic and powerful, breathing life into the characters and events of Shameful Times. The book's exploration of love that transcends physical limitations adds a touching layer to the overall narrative. Highly Recommended to read.

Margaret B. Schreck

5 golden stars



Couldnt put it down -Inspiring

and transformational

Reviewed in Australia on 14 February 2024

This story touched my heart and inspired my Soul. The love and care Isa had for those around her, and the love that was returned to her, but when people cannot feel love, only hate, evil unfolds. Written by spiritual channeler, Vera Lucia Lima. The writer has the rare capacity to invoke the emotion of this story and to feel the experience as it's channelled, giving a whole new depth as coming from the person / persons who lived at that time and wanted to have their story known.

Isa's story was a true testament to the power of strength, transformation, and resilience.

Carol M

5 golden stars


 Este romance psicografado e canalizado conta a história mágica de Lua Branca, filha de um Xamã e líder da tribo Cherokee.

Situado em 1800, o romance espiritual descreve a jornada da vida da indígena durante o período angustiante da Trilha das Lágrimas, quando ela é capturada e criada por um capitão do exército americano. Junto com ela, há duas mulheres nativas americanas e um menino de 12 anos.


Apesar do preconceito racial, sua perseverança na fuga desesperada pela liberdade tornou-os muito unidos. Formou-se, então, uma família espiritual. Lua Branca -renomeada como Samira - é forçada a seguir caminhos ocidentais em uma escola missionária cristã, reprimindo então sua identidade indígena.


 A protagonista encontra o verdadeiro amor em um mensageiro e tradutor.  Embora envolta por escuridão e adversidade, sua fé inabalável no Grande Espírito traz aliados inesperados, abrindo a ela um novo caminho.

 Certamente, o leitor se beneficiará e se inspirará com a força e coragem xamânica de Lua Branca, que vivenciou a conexão com Jesus, os Anjos e os "Guardiões da Natureza."

Book cover - Lua Branca by Author Vera Lucia Lima
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